Keynote Speakers

A small selection of submitted papers have been promoted to ‘keynote’ status. The presenters will have 30 minutes, including questions. The papers are:

  • Pierre Hallé, Steven Le Moan and Claude Cariou, “Towards a Completely Blind Classifier for Hyperspectral Images”.
  • Joe Chen and Rick Kirian, “Simultaneous retrieval of coherently illuminated defocused objects”.
  • Tim Molteno, Maximilian Scheel and Colin Fox, “Continuous Calibration of the Transient Array Radio Telescope using Satellites”.
  • Steven Mills, Hamza Bennani, Richard Walter and Karen Greig, “Photogrammetric Debitage Analysis: Measuring Māori Toolmaking Evidence”.
  • Noor Haitham Saleem, Hsiang-Jen Chien and Reinhard Klette, “Stixel Optimization: Representing Challenging On-Road Scenes”.
  • Convenors:
    Richard Green
    Phil Bones
  • About This Site:
    IVCNZ is New Zealand's annual
    gathering of all those involved
    in image processing, machine
    vision and computer graphics.
    This year it is being held at the
    University of Canterbury, co-located
    with ENZCon.